Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Cutest and Most Versatile Felted Hair Accessories Yet

Zazzy Peacock felted hair accessories available at More Than Paper
Designs include ladybugs and rainbow hearts and peace signs
This week, I am very pleased to announce that some of my cutest girlie hair accessories ever are available at a wonderful, well-established online retailer, More Than Paper.  As the name would imply, More Than Paper carries way more than a great selection of custom stationery.  In fact, they offer such a variety of wonderful gifts and stellar customer service, you'll want to peruse the whole site and do lots of your holiday shopping there.  But first, check out my exclusive Zazzy Peacock offerings at More Than Paper.  The fun and colorful woolen hair accessories will make terrific gifts for all the girls and teens on your holiday list.   Each is available as a headband or a combination hair clip/ ponytail holder.

Zazzy Peacock Rainbow Heart hair accessories
What's a combination hair clip/ ponytail holder?  Well I'm so glad you asked!  (Can you tell I'm super excited about this?)  I recently came up with a new and original way to make my needle felted hair goodies so that the same little ladybug or heart or peace symbol can be used interchangeably as either a hair clip OR a ponytail holder.  And your little girl can change her mind and swap it back in a matter of seconds.  All I did was to felt a loop onto the back of the felted accessory and --voila! -- it can be used with a snap clip or a hair elastic or with anything else that creative girl in your life can think of!  I keep thinking about that big drawer of ribbons my mother kept when my sisters and I were girls.  How fun it would be to thread one of these adorable felted hearts onto a beautiful satin ribbon or a soft thick rope of woolen yarn.   . . .  Ah, nostalgia gets me every time.   Anyway, I hope you get the idea:  these are really fun and versatile.  Each one comes with both a snap clip and an elastic ponytail holder in coordinating colors.  But of course, you can also use your own or anything you like -- that's the beauty of it!

Zazzy Peacock "Sherbet Swirl Hearts" in pink, purple and orange, 
showing the unique felted loops on the back
And that was the real impetus for me coming up with this new multi-functional hair accessory.  I had been considering offering ponytail holders for a while, but I was concerned about the elastics not lasting.  Maybe it's just me, but my hair is very thick so no matter how high the quality of the elastics and scrunchies I buy, they just don't last more than a few months tops.  I didn't want my customers to buy a beautiful handmade felted ponytail holder only for the elastic to stretch out or break.  So, I came up with this loop idea.  It worked great!  Then, I quickly realized that the snap clips could slide through the same loop too.  Actually, if I make the loops just a little bigger, little girls could probably wear these as finger rings!  I'm also working on some similar products for teens and adults -- felted accessories with triple functionality that can be used as brooches or hair clips or  ponytail holders.  Look for those soon in my Zazzy Peacock Studios shop on Etsy.

Thanks for looking! Have fun holiday shopping for your loved ones!

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