Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So I Have a Thing for Peacocks

On a road trip up to New York to visit family over the holidays, my youngest son pipes up from the back seat:  “Guess what my signature animal is?”  In unison, my husband and I asked, choking back laughter, “You have a signature animal?!”  So, it turns out my eleven-year-old is a narwhal.  What in the heck is a narwhal? Apparently, it's some sort of whale with a horn on its head.  (Aha! So that’s what that was in the movie, “Elf.”)  How I went nearly forty-four years without this critical knowledge is beyond me!

Felted Peacock Heart Necklace
Anyway, this got me thinking about my “signature animal.”  Ironically, I had just chosen the name “Zazzy Peacock” for my business.  So the peacock must be my signature animal, right?  Well, yes and no.  Maybe it’s my aspirational signature animal.  I think I relate to cats way better than birds, that’s for sure.  But there’s something about the peacock.  The bird itself is bold and showy.  It’s not just the beautiful feathers and that little headpiece – although the bold colors and pattern of the peacock feather eye (or heart, as I call it) have been heavily influencing my art for quite a while now. Anyone who’s met a peacock at the zoo or a petting farm knows that they are more than beautiful -- they are downright cocky. They will follow you around loudly talking to (or more like squawking at) you.  I imagine they’re saying “Look at my feathers! Aren’t they amazing?”  You’re lucky if they don’t peck you.  They clearly want attention.   And this is so trite it goes without saying, but they are clearly proud of themselves. 

Felted peacock camera or phone case
So, yes, I aspire to be like the peacock.  I want to create beautiful works of art and have no hesitation about showing them to the world.  I want to just put myself out there, maybe even be a little loud sometimes.  And then, I hope to be proud of what I’m doing.

I would describe my “signature” style as funky, modern, colorful, fun, and sophisticated – sometimes even all at the same time.  I am inspired by the rich colors and incredible patterns found in nature (and not just peacocks!), simple lines and geometry, symbols from modern and ancient cultures, and tribal art and crafts.   My true passion is painting and making felted jewelry and accessories that are truly one-of-a-kind works of art, but I also enjoy making the occasional flower, ladybug, flower, heart, or peace symbol – just for the fun of it.

So this is it.  I’ve launched my business, started this blog, and I’ll be opening my etsy shop very soon.  (Update:  Now open!)   I’m finding my voice and showing my feathers, so to speak.   At this moment, I am a proud peacock.

So, tell me, what’s your “signature” animal?  Do you have a signature style?

Detail from my painting, Peacock Ocelot Tree

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